Your Lasting Legacy

Grandmother with Two ToddlersMemorial gifts, corporate donations and planned gifts through wills and trusts are just a few of the examples of what in which we receive support throughout the year. We gladly accept monetary and in-kind donations.

For those thinking of a legacy gift, we invite you to think of the following options and then discuss them either with Hospice House administration or your own financial planner:

By Bequest: Defer a gift until after your lifetime.

The benefit to you is that your gift is exempt from federal estate tax and you maintain control of the asset throughout your lifetime.

By Revocable Living Trust: Make a revocable gift during your lifetime.

The benefit is you control the trust for your lifetime and gifts in trust are exempt from federal estate tax.

By Outright Gift of Cash: A quick and easy gift.

The benefit is you receive an immediate income tax deduction and get to witness the benefits of your generosity.

By Outright Gift of Securities: Contribute stock or other securities.

The benefit is an immediate charitable deduction for the full fair market value and elimination of capital gains tax.

By Gift of Life Insurance: Make a large gift with little cost to yourself.

The benefit is a current income deduction and possible future deductions through gifts to pay policy premiums.

By Gift of Retirement Assets: Make Hospice the beneficiary of the balance left after your lifetime

The benefit is that you make the gift from the most highly taxed assets, leaving more for family and eliminate income and estate taxes.

Other options include a Charitable Remainder Trust and a Charitable Lead Trust. Ask your financial planner for more details.