Making Cherished Memories

Hospice House ReflectionsJust like any home environment, life happens and cherished memories are made inside of Ball Hospice House. Our guests have experienced many moments that matter, including:

  • a family baby shower, hosted at Hospice House, so a resident could participate;
  • special visits from family pets or a certified pet therapy dog;
  • holiday gatherings with families of all ages;
  • the talents of local musicians, including those who come to play our piano; and,
  • stirring displays like a butterfly release ceremony and a memorial for veterans.

Reflections on Hospice House from Friends and Family

Jennifer Dunton’s mother felt safe and loved at Ball Hospice House:

“Thanks to each of you, my mother was able to spend the final three months of her life actually LIVING. Her and my father felt safe and loved at the Hospice House. It was a place where she was able to entertain her guests, just as if she was at home. You gave us time; time to plan, time to reminisce, and time to make new memories. The care you provided to her was truly amazing. Each of you performed your duties above and beyond all expectations. Your work is a calling, it’s easy to see. As we were preparing to say goodbye to her, I could see you all were too. My father and I both miss each and every one of you. You became family to us. We will be forever grateful.”

Linda Bourque is thankful a close friend had the peaceful setting of Ball Hospice House:

“The warm atmosphere at the Hospice Home gave everyone a chance to get back in touch. It also takes the stress off the family who are already overwhelmed. With your home, she enjoyed so much company and never really gave up hope. Just being there, made her feel more hopeful rather than scared and lonely. I will always be thankful for the time we spent reminiscing no matter how short. The setting is so peaceful and non-stressful for everyone. Thank you for giving the people of the EUP and their families such a peaceful setting for their final gatherings.”

Marion Eavou’s daughter, Gina, said Hospice House was good for the whole family:

“The atmosphere was so homelike. The staff make us feel like we were a part of their family, and we really needed that at that time. They knew everyone’s name. It was a very special arrangement and so nice that our mother’s grandchildren, great-grandchildren, sons and daughters could come and treat it like their own home. We’d walk in, take off our shoes and head for the coffee pot. If mom was sleeping, we didn’t have to leave – we’d go sit in the sun-room. Everything about the place was wonderful. I can’t say a single staff member wasn’t kind or caring. They were all lovely. They formed an attachment to my mom, and we formed attachments to them.”